Ok, so this is my first ever blog.

I thought I’d start with where Olivia’s Sales all begin…. DEPOP

So about four years ago now, I downloaded an app, depop. Started selling my own personal items, then the odd bit of jewellery and then all of a sudden CHOKERS were back in. I wanted one but never thought I could pull it off plus didn’t want to take a loan out to buy one from the so-called high street brands. So I decided I would buy the materials and make myself one, so then if I didn’t like it I could sell it on my new favourite app.

Turned out I loved it, and knew there was a market for affordable yet quality chokers. Plus my 300 followers at the time seemed to like them too. Then a few years on and 85,000 followers later I felt it was time for a website and Olivia-sales.co.uk was born…

Be sure to still check out my depop page for my one of items @oliviasmith1996


Olivia xoxo